The PSL Takeover

So, as soon as the air turns crisp and the glimpse of Halloween, sweaters and tall leather boots begins to surface, so too does the everlasting anticipation of the pumpkin spice latte. Let breakdown the pumpkin takeover:

  • muffins
  • loaves
  • scones
  • doughnuts
  • pancakes
  • waffles
  • lattes
  • bubble tea
  • candles
  • hand soap
  • hair color
  • paint colors

Really.. the options for pumpkin ANYTHING is endless.

I’m ALL for it!!!

I am seriously on the cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom bandwagon!

So, call me cliche but .. call me it while I’m in line at the Starbucks waiting to order my pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin scone!

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Fast Facts about Vancouver

No matter what city that you decide to make your next destination, each and every one of them is different and Vancouver is no exception.

In this post, we are going to discuss a few facts about Vancouver that will be making you feel like a local in no time at all. This will help you on your next adventure to this one of a kind city located in British Columbia.

  1. The Languages – the two most common languages that you can expect to encounter here is English and French. The Federal government provides services in both languages. You will find however, that many of the natives here speak many other languages like German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Punjabi, and Tagalog. The city is a large mix of many cultural groups. Most of Vancouver’s youth is raised to speak a language other than English.
  2. Population – As British Columbia’s largest city, Vancouver represents 52.3% of the population of B.C. Based on the Canadian Census done in 2011, Vancouver has about 2.3 million people registered.
  3. Money – When in Rome… or in this case, Vancouver, you want to make sure that you use the Canadian Dollar or CAD. This is the currency recognized in Canada. Of course you can always exchange your home currency at the Canadian banks, credit unions, trust banks, or foreign exchange offices.
  4. Taxes – You will expect to pay 7% (PST) tax on most purchases and a federal 5% tax for Goods & Services. There will be a 10% tax on liquor and 8% PST tax plus another 3% on hotel taxes.
  5. Time Zone – Pacific Time Zone is the time zone used in Vancouver. Daylight Savings Time is also observed here.

Vancouver is like many other major cities that you would visit. It runs non-stop, 24/7 365. There are so many offerings that this city has that it would take you multiple trips just to see them all.

English Bay

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Celebration of Light

celebration of lights

This may be THE most anticipated event of the year in Vancouver. It’s the Honda Celebration of Light. Three nights of the year at English Bay there is a  fireworks and music spectacular! This year, the events take place as follows:

July 23rd : the Netherlands

July 27th : Australia

July 30th : USA

With this event drawing MILLIONS of visitors to the beach at English Bay, it’s crucial that you get there early in the day to secure your sandy spot! Don’t feel like waiting around all day? Perhaps make reservations at some of the local, nearby restaurants for a Celebration of Light viewing party!

Now in it’s 26th year, this offshore fireworks competition is the longest running one in the world – not to mention the largest public event in BC! Who’d want to miss out on that?!?!

Fireworks being at 10pm sharp on July 23, 27 and 30th.

Vancouver and Langley demolition and renos

Vancouver is always a hub of activity with construction, home renovations and expansions. With homes reaching well above the 2 and 3-million-dollar mark, it’s imperative that homeowners maintain not only their home but their land as an investment.

When moving forward on home renovations, it’s always sound advice to check out the credentials of potential local contractors. Not to mention verify city bylaws and obtain the correct permits for work required. This is especially true when preparing to demolish a home of structure on your property. You will most likely need a hazmat report to check for asbestos and possibly a report from an engineer.

Be sure that your demolition contractor has the correct insurance and experience. The best Langley demolition company will have well maintained heavy equipment like excavators and loaders as well as machine operators who are trained and certified. Quite often, a homeowner can rent heavy equipment to do the demolition work themselves but, it’s not recommended if they’re inexperienced. For demolition equipment rentals, be sure to inquire about insurance and liability.

Vancouver’s housing market is not slowing down any time soon.

Be prepared to not just maintain your investment but upgrade and update it to get the best price possible if you’re considering selling.

sany excavator

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North Vancouver Tree Service

Living on the North Shore, we have a LOT of trees; beautiful, majestic, old growth and the thought of it being torn down is tragic. However, there are times you will need to have hedge trimming done or even do total North Vancouver tree removal. It’s not always a bad thing. Often, the health of your tree is determined by how well you manage and maintain them. Seeking the advice of a North Vancouver arborist and North Vancouver tree service is necessary as there are most likely tree bylaws and permits you will need to be aware of.

Cat Rescue

North Shore Arborist rescues cats from trees too!

Limousine service in the Lower Mainland

Everyone thinks about the dress, the venue and the food on wedding day but, what about the transportation? It’s equally as important – if not more. If the bride (and/or groom) doesn’t have adequate limousine service, they may miss their all important wedding day.

Wedding transportation can come in many forms.

For very large wedding parties, a party bus or limo bus may be the solution. Often able to carry up to 25 guests, it’s a great way for the bridal party plus close family members to travel as one to further enjoy the days events.

For a more intimate ride, we suggest the classic stretch limousine or towncar. Comfortably seats up to nine passengers.

For a flashier ride, there’s always the SUV stretch limousine.

And for the bride or groom traveling solo, we have luxury sedans to make the day complete.

For luxury Vancouver limousine rentals in the Vancouver area , we suggest Burnaby Limos.

For Surrey limousine service, we recommend White Rock Limo.

And for Langley or Fraser Valley limousine rentals, we recommend Langley Limos.

English Bay (13)


Wedding Season in Vancouver

Well, after an entire day of torrential downpours, Vancouver was it’s typical schizophrenic self and spent the past day and a 1/2 being sunny and hot. Thankfully, the weather is all sorted out — until, you know.. it isn’t any more.

Anyhow, Vancouver weather and the summer months means 1 thing: VANCOUVER WEDDING SEASON.

Let’s face it, Vancouver has KILLER photo op spots – like UBC gardens, Van Dusen, Capilano.. STANLEY PARK! And with stores and boutiques ranging from super practical mall type stores to exclusive boutique couture, Vancouver really has it all when it comes to wedding dress shopping. Besides, Vancouver is home to all sorts of incomes as well. We have the uber-rich Vancouverites, the middle class and even lower middle class peeps who are all trying to step up their game and get it right for their FB and Instagram updates!

How would one travel around for their fabulous Vancouver wedding? Well, if you’re in need of a limo Coquitlam, you may want a Bently or Rolls Royce. Ohh… the Phantom! Imagine the Vancouver sightseeing you could do in that kinda spectacular vehicle! For those getting married in .. say Surrey, BC, a Surrey party bus may be the way to go. Great for big, family gatherings! One very popular choice for Vancouver Wedding Limousines is the SUV Limo. It seems to be out-doing the obvious classic – the stretch limousine. To each their own!

Don’t forget about the honeymoon! Using quality, affordable Vancouver limousines is imperative if you’re going to have money to spend in Bali! Vancouver airport transport ion or Vancouver Airport limousine service should be booked at the same time that you book your Vancouver Wedding Limo!

No matter how big nor small, how opulent or affordable, Vancouver offers so much for brides and grooms on their wedding day in Vancouver. But hey, if you spend it all on that one mighty day, at least you live in a beautiful city if you must then settle on a “Stay-cation Honeymoon.” (13)

We recommend Coquitlam Limos for all of your luxury Coquitlam limousine needs. You can reach them at 604-670-4755 3025 Lougheed Highway, Suite 930 – 152
Coquitlam, BC V3B 6S2

North Vancouver Trees

Oh man ..

Ok, I know that I’ve already gone on about the Cherry Blossoms here in Vancouver but, our trees and rain forests here are ah-mazing! Seriously. Have you even seen some of the Langley trees? Surrey? Oh man! It’s incredible. You could just go up there and get lost for days and never be unhappy at all. Langley and Fort Langley have beautiful trees too!

Apparently there are some new tree bylaw issues going on in West Vancouver which has caused a terrible ripple effect: total tree destruction. Honestly, is your view worth ripping down 100 hundred year old trees? No. Why did you hesitate? The answer is no. Taking down trees for reasons to do with the health of the tree or perhaps the tree becoming a danger is another issue altogether. For this, you should speak to an arborist. A local Vancouver arborist or Langley Arborist has your trees best interest at heart. I guess that sounds wishy-washy but, I’m no tree hugger – I just feel that trees need to be respected and cared for properly.

Call a reputable tree company like Langley Tree Service and Arborist. They will not only provide you with a free tree service quote but they have a certified arborist on hand to tell you exactly what is wrong with your trees and the best way to deal with it. Perhaps you don’t need Langley tree removal. An arborist can perhaps suggest Langley Tree Trimming or Pruning.

If you LOVE Vancouver – you too must LOVE it’s trees!!!

Ok .. maybe I am a tree hugger. So be it! 🙂


Night Markets and Cherry Blossoms

Oh man .. the International Night Market will be opening this weekend!! Ready for cuteness overload and tummy aches galore! Nothing like standing in line for 20 minutes to pay $6 for a potato on a stick! Or, how about $8 for 2 red bean “fish” desserts. Even though it’s overpriced, the experience should not be missed. The food vendors, the entertainment and the Hello Kitty EVERYTHING!

Opens April 29th! Be there or .. well.. don’t.



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Vancouver in the Spring Time

I’m just gonna say this. I LOVE VANCOUVER.

Ok, one step back. I love it all except the insane housing prices and the fact that people aren’t the friendliest BUT I do still LOVE VANCOUVER. Having lived abroad for a number of years, I found that on each arrival back to the 604, I was emotional, I’d missed my home and I was glad to be back.

Vancouver has so much to offer: natural beauty and nature, fabulous nightlife, extraordinary dining, shopping to die for and a vast abundance of outdoor activities!

And so begins my journey into the wonder that is Vancouver.

English Bay